The new MOMA has reopened.  There is a lot of hoopla around the museum.  The design, the building, the new restaurants.  I have always been a fan of this museum and am looking forward to getting up there to see it.

In fact, as members, we were invited to an evening event on Novemer 23rd.  The ticket is for 2 people even though we have a family "fellow" membership.  That particular night our youngest son and my husband have tickets for a Knick game so I was thinking of going to the opening with our two girls.  How great to be able to celebrate an event of this type in your own town.  It has not happened that way.

The MOMA has always been lame.  Their website, at least in the past, was beyond frustrating for the store and to figure out the exhibits.  The customer service is weak at best.  I went to an event in Queens and getting on the list of an artist that we actually had collected was almost humorous talking to the amount of people.  In terms of this event next week it was very disappointing. 

I called the membership department and explained my situation.  I’d like to bring my other daughter too so she could come and look around that night.  We would probably be in and out quickly.  Certainly would not be drinking the passed champagne because they are both under age, etc.  The message that they left me was that they were unable to honor my request.  Not a good starting for an organization that I would guess has not finished the fund raising for their Capital Campaign.  I called back and left a message of my frustration, considering my membership is for 5 people.  I’d even be happy to up the ante if that would help.  But, no call back and it has been over 5 days.

I can’t decide whether to call back again or just let it be.  But the truth is, I am very pissed off.  I was looking forward to going.  I was looking forward to feeling good about the new building.  It has left a bad taste in my mouth.  As someone who has been in the fundraising world, flexibility is key. 

Shame shame on the MOMA.

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  1. jackson

    I am in disbelief, is it possible to stonewall ‘The Nudge’?

  2. jackson

    Tom Watson has a good post on the MOMA and our current stae of impending fundamentalism.