Eliot Spitzer

I was invited to go to a Women for Spitzer lunch at the Pierre today.  The place was literally packed to the gills with women.  It is always so interesting to go to the women only events for candidates.  NYC is full of so many sophisticated women who are passionate about their town.  Except for the Pierre being one of the most frou frou hotels I have ever entered, I am really glad I went.

Eliot is a great speaker.  He can name for you the variety of things he has done as the Attorney General for New York.  He decided he could make a difference with the law and he has.  He has gone after companies from the banking industry to the pharmaceutical industry.  He is fearless.  He has no problem saying "the buck stops here" and we expect you to be accountable. 

He also cares passionately about New York.  He wants to see change in the Democratic party.  He wants to stop the attitude that status quo is OK.  He also happens to be a nice guy and has a lot of charisma.  His wife has a lot of charisma too.  They are both movers and shakers.  Their presence is felt when they walk into a room.  That is key in politics.

Eliot gave a speech that motivated me.  His website is pretty good too.  If he can continue to be fearless and make change, he will make one helluva Governor.  Although it is apparent when hearing him speak that he has bigger thoughts on the horizon.  I hope that as he enters this political arena he doesn’t lose that edge.  That he continues to remember where he came from and why he ran in the first place.  Sure, ego is involved but he is a tried and true New Yorker who wants to make a difference here..and in the rest of the country.  He is raising kids in NYC and I sure that he is interested in making the world a better place for the next generation.

My vote will absolutely be cast for Eliot.  I’m looking forward to watching him run over the next year.  It will shape him as a candidate. 

Bravo to see someone who finally has my interests at heart and who seems to have enough chutzpah to change the status quo in the Democratic community. 

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