Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man

Last night’s dinner was the ultimate in the need for posted signs about etiquette.  Maybe I should write a book?

We went to the Martini House for dinner in Napa Valley.  The setting is beautiful.  Outdoor trellises with vines and tables underneath.  Beautiful. 

There is a guy sitting across from us, alone.  I can tell you what happened to his date b/c we could hear his entire cell phone conversation.  When people speak on cell phones they speak louder than normal because you can’t gage your decibels b/c there is no one sitting across from you that acknowledges that they hear you.  This guy, as we now call the Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man, was talking quite loud.  He was discussing the FBI, his passed out date in the car, gay movies, money and loud obnoxious advice. 

Everyone around us was sort of dismayed.  I said something to the waiter, he giggled.  I gave the guy dirty looks.  Where was the management???  I can’t imagine the people we know who own restaurants not going over and saying to the guy, turn it off. 

Perhaps the food was better than we thought but the atmosphere made is impossible to enjoy.  The food was mediocre at best.  Over sauced, over thought out but a great atmosphere (if the cell phone man was not there). 

When we left, I said something to the manager for future guests.  His staff should tell him to react to this immediately.  Even a guest said something to him once he got off his first phone call.  Regardless, he decided to get on a 2nd.  It was almost like being in a bad movie.  Lame on the management’s part.  We left after our main course.  Actually bolted would be a better description to get an ice cream cone in town. 

Lesson learned.  Keep the cell phones out of public spaces.  Not in elevators – so rude, not in restaurants, not in museums, etc.  Cell phones walking down the street, shopping by yourself, in the car, fine but NOT in public forums.  Rude, rude, rude!!!