Mike Bloomberg

I have been a NYer through the Koch Administration, the Dinkins Administration, the Guilliani Administration and now the Bloomberg Administration.

This city is not an easy place to run.  The diversity, the budget, the challenges are extreme.  It takes a strong leader.  Someone who is smart, understands budgets, understands negotiations, understands the city. 

I have been overwhelmed with the amount of email from country wide Democrats asking me to get behind Freddie Ferrer.  The comments are from he supports our ideas, you should support the Democrats, etc. 

This is where I think politics should change.  I certainly vote on people that support my ideas and values.  Guilliani had no morals which is the one thing I couldn’t stand about him so I didn’t vote for him.  He had no passion for the under privileged.  Koch was a master but sort of lost it in the end.  Dinkins was a nightmare. 

Bloomberg actually stands for what I stand for.  He is really a Democrat in Republicans clothing.  Or one could say he is a moderate Republican or a conservative Democrat.  There is a big middle ground that you can call yourself what you want but it could easily be a Republican or a Democrat in the center. 

If the Democrats want to have control of this city again then put up a candidate that is a leader.  Mike Bloomberg has done a terrific job running this town.  Sure there are always things that he could do better but in general the city has survived major budget changes, many negotiations, changes in the school system, etc.  I could only imagine what a nightmare this town would have been like today if Mark Greene was our mayor. 

Freddie is not a leader.  I would not feel confident of his leadership.  We lived through 9/11 and now see the disaster of Katrina.  Mike Bloomberg would not only navigate the problems but lead this city on the right path.  Freddie couldn’t.  He’s a nice guy but he isn’t a leader.  That is why I like Mike. 

In the end I vote for leaders who stand for what I believe in.  There might be a day when I vote for a Republican in the White House if I felt that they would be a great leader and had my beliefs at heart.  I doubt it would happen but it could.   

I hope I stop getting the emails begging me to support Freddie.  Let’s be real.  Put out a real leader and people will get behind them.  Put out a weak person and you need the emails to beg for support.  That to me says it all.

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  1. Jay

    AMEN! I totally agree about Bloomberg. Considering what he walked in to, I think he’s doen a helluva job. Now, if only he’d find a way to bring rents down…