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Good Night and Good Luck is an impressive debut for George Clooney’s first stab at directing.  The entire film is shot in black and white to represent the year it took place, early 1950’s.  The movie is about the conflict that arose when Edward Murdoch, CBS Journalist, reported on the realities of Senator Joe McCarthy’s hearings.  Murdoch wanted to expose the witch hunt for what it was, a witch hunt.  The fear that was created and how the laws of our land were not being enforced but just ignored such as a right to a fair trial.  The freedom of speech, religion, etc.  The movie also portrayed the conflict between Paley, who ran CBS, and his conflict of allowing this show to air. 

The movie is coming out at a very interesting time in our history.  The Bush Administration has in many ways created the same fear.  If you aren’t with them, then there is something wrong with you, you must not be a true American.  Their way or the highway which is exactly what McCarthy was doing.  The other thing that stuck me was that this time period took place only 50 years ago.  How much has happened since then.  A newscast was basically put on in the same way but oh how different.  No teleprompter, but flash card, technology was minimal, hunt and peck typewriters and tons of smoking.  Advertisers were paying for the show, in essence paying for the content.  That line is no longer crossed as selling airspace is completely different.  Advertising cigarettes is no longer.  Waiting for the press to report on the show in the early morning papers.  Now we have immediate information on the web there is no waiting period.  Married people could not work in the same company.  All and all, a worthwhile movie to see.  It is only one and a half hours which is perfect.  Interesting slice of history.

In Her Shoes a complete chick flick.  I weeped through a good portion.  Cameron Diaz redeemed herself as a pretty good actress.  Shirley McLaine is always good.  Toni Colette was really good too.  The movie is really about sisters and family.  Two totally different siblings who at the end of the day need each other even though they are such different people.  Slice of life film.  Great moments in the Florida retirement community and funny lines.  Dumb but fun.  We all liked it. 

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  1. Hester

    George Clooney directed _Confessions of a Dangerous Mind_ previous to _Good Night and Good Luck_ . According to IMDB he also directed some episodes of his cable show “Unscripted”.