Young Survival

LogoLast night I went to a fundraiser for the Young Survival Organization.  The organization is dedicated to the action, advocacy and awareness to young women who are cancer survivors.  Young being under 40. 

My friend became a survivor of breast cancer at the age of 30.  Her mother is also a survivor of breast cancer.  I have another friend who is now a 5 year survivor of ovarian cancer.  Another friend who has now been a survivor of almost 10 years from breast cancer.  Is there anyone out there who does not have a friend within their family or community who has been affected by this disease?  Why?  Is it the food we eat, is it the environment that we have destroyed?  It surely isn’t pure genetics.

The key is survival.  Through this organization, the money they raise, goes to education and research for young survivors.  Fantastic mission.

I came home after the event last night and Josh, my 9 year old, asked what the event was for.  I told him.  We too have just lost someone in our family to cancer who is much older than the 40 year old mark.  He was blown away that our friend, the reason I went to this event, was affected by cancer.  His comment was "omigod, she had cancer even before she was married, that’s awful.  But at least now she is married and having a baby which is good because is all worked out.".  It would only be my wish that everyone was as lucky to have it all work out.  That is why I supported this event last night.  In hopes that my wish would actually come true.