Thanksgiving Flowers

Flower_potsI am finally getting over the gluttony of Thanksgiving.  Every year I promise myself that I won’t over eat.  Ha!  The truth be told,  it is all about the skin, stuffing, cranberry chutney and just a few bites of dessert.  I could forgo the rest. 

Part of the fun is the pre-hype.  What is going to be on the menu?  Which desserts should we make this year?  We stick with the basics, god forbid we make any major changes.  Only the squash/sweet potatoes, greens and one dessert gets a change each year.  Otherwise, it all stays the same.  I guess since it is only a once a year meal, why not.

All the kids had their part.  Emily made the pumpkin cheesecake and cranberry pie (new this year but not that great).  Josh made the stuffing.  Jessica got involved with the flowers for the table.

Last year I bought the green Styrofoam pieces from my florist and wooden boxes that they use.  The Styrofoam was good to use again this year.  We soaked the Styrofoam overnight in a water filled sink so it was good and wet.  The Styrofoam acts like the vase.  Then we took a variety of flowers and created our own table decorations.  They are so easy to make and look like you bought them at the florist.  It is fun and creative.  We also used wooden sticks that we stuck through the lady apples and gourds to create a Thanksgiving look.  I think we also through some dried pine cones on top too.  I love these.  I am not sure why I only pull out these boxes at Thanksgiving but I should consider using them at other times of the year too.  I love the way they look.