Christmas Cards

We have been sending out Christmas cards now for 18 years.  They have changed over the years.  One year we sent out a top 10 list, others we sent out pictures inserted in cards and with notes.  Now I have moved into the Shutterfly card, nothing inside but what I had printed.  Not that personal but I do like the ritual.  It’s fun to get the cards in the mail and see how everyone has changed, particularly people I haven’t seen for years.  I get to see their kids.  So, today was the day of the lick, address and stamp.  I think I might have short changed the number this year.  I always mean to send out more than I do.  Organization of Christmas sort of ends the minute we go on vacation and then comes back sometime the following December.  Hmmm, maybe my New Year’s resolution this year.  Fix the Christmas list.  I prefer my yearly, lose 10 lbs. 

Stones_kidsThis year our Christmas card was taken at the Rolling Stones concert this fall.  The inside says "wishing you a rockin’ 2006".  My Mom suggested, wishing you a stoned year.  Funny but probably not appropriate.

So, to all of you, a rockin’ 2006, and enjoy the holiday season.

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  1. Elif

    I just ran into your blog and immediately linked it to mine (it’s in Turkish, hence irrelevant). I’m listening to your latest podcast at the moment. I love discovering new music, and I think it’s great that you’re sharing it with your kids. They’re the best source 🙂
    How I discovered your blog is, I was doing a search on Ian McEwan and Van Gogh, because I think they’re similar in terms of how they depict things, the way they work on detail. And this made me feel good because I love the work of Van Gogh and I’m just finishing off Atonement and loving Ian McEwan. Anyway both keywords came up on your blog so here I am…

    Following your advice on music of the moment, too.