Chaing Mai

Happy_buddhaWe were picked up, with a new guide, to show us the local places in Chiang Mai.  We drove up to the top of the city, a very very windy road, which takes you up to a large Wat, Wat Chendi Luang- no surprises there.  The kids threatened us if we were to see anymore Wats after this.  We promised, last Wat.  The view was great but I personally had enough too.  I did get to see my favorite Buddha though, the Happy guy. 

Stairs_at_watThe steps coming down gives you an idea of how large and how far up the Wat was.  We took a pulled cable up. 

Local_kids_at_the_watThere are groups of local kids hanging out trying to sell their wares.  This kid was albino which our guide told is not so random from this particular tribe.

Umbrella_making_1 We bagged the rest of the Wats and went for the local trade.  We saw lacquer work, umbrella making and celadon.  The trades haven’t changed in 50 years. 

Lunch_for_50We stopped by a local food stand on the street and had an excellent noodle lunch.  The entire meal for all five of us including drinks was $5.

HannukahThat was enough for the day.  We went back and relaxed.  It was Hanukkah, always important to carry a portable menorah. 

Mandarin_2We went out for dinner that night.  Here is a picture of the kids walking over to the main lobby through the rice fields.  Really gorgeous hotel. 

The_house_barWe went to The House for dinner.  Groovy colonial home, Moroccan vibe, next to a fantastic store called Ginger where we picked up a few goodies.  Here is a picture of the bar.

After that, home for a good nights rest.  More tomorrow.