Shame, shame on USAir and VISA

1141283119_1We took a flight this weekend on US Air.  First of all we were horribly delayed, so what else is new.  We finally board, take a seat and are waiting for take off.  Surprise, we are 17th in line.  Ugh.

The stewardess comes over the loud speaker to announce 25,000 miles that can available to you and a variety of other goodies that come along in this package.  She literally sounds like she is reading an ad.  Guess what?  She is.  This is a promotion from VISA.  You can get a US Air Visa and get all these wonderful extras.  Then she comes down the aisle with the forms.  Do you think one person took one…no.  Everyone had to use a credit card to get on the plane on the first place.  Shameless.  It is bad enough that we have to watch those awful ads before the previews at the movies these days.  Now we have to hear  promotions from the airlines. 

If all the money is with the advertisers, maybe the Government should come up with worthwhile ways for the money to filtered into needy programs and give them tax deductions.  Instead of giving the oil companies deals for bigger profits, maybe they should have to take all the money they are saving off of the Governments back (that would be out back) and put it into Education.  Maybe VISA should take all the money they are throwing on promoting more debt to the average American and put it into rebuilding Louisiana.  I could go on and on but shame shame on US Air and VISA.  I found the blatant promotion insulting to sit through.

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  1. Brouhaha

    Stewardess? Flight attendant…

    GG, you’re all over the map with this post. Why was the promotion “insulting?”

    Can you be a little more specific about what you’re objecting to?

    Promotions, generally?
    Credit card promotions?
    Promotions to a captive audience?
    Government grants to the oil industry?
    Lack (?) of corporate tax deductions for charitable giving?
    Insufficient Federal funding for education?
    Lack of corporate participation in the post-Katrina rebuilding efforts?
    Being 17th in line?

    I’m a little confused.

  2. erin

    THANK YOU, brouhaha! I cringed when I read “stewardess”. No offense GG. But I felt like I was reading a post from someone much older….