Art in the Hamptons

There is an abundance of art in the Hamptons.  New shows somewhere each week, new galleries have been cropping up recently and a very large community of artists live here year round too.  If you are lucky to befriend an artist, it is always a plus to go see their studio and learn about their art directly from them. 

My all time favorite gallery in the Hamptons is Sara Nightingale Gallery in Watermill.  Actually, it is one of my favorite galleries period.  I always check out her shows.  If we are out here, we don’t miss a point of peaking in.  Sara has an incredible eye for emerging artists.  She gets it the minute she sees it.  Sara also adores what she does.  Once she starts talking about an artist, she gets so excited.  Honestly, if I could, I would purchase probably one piece from each artist that has come through her door. She has picked a lot of winners.  I really love her eye.  You’d be surprised at how affordable emerging art can be. Make sure you check out here basement.  Goodies down there. 

If you don’t get into Watermill, make a point of looking for Sara’s booth at Scope Hamptons.  The Scope show runs from July 13-16th at 75 Industrial Road in Wainscott.  Scope is an international art fair that showcases emerging art.  The shows are also in London, Miami and New York.