2727 is a restaurant that has gone through many transformations over the years, particularly the name.  27 is located on the stretch of Route 27 between Amagansett and Montauk.  The area is familiarly called Napeague Stretch.  I believe the restaurant might have been called that for awhile.

The menu is small.  Clientele is generally in the 27 range but more family oriented on Sunday nights.  The big draw is probably the 1 lb. lobster for $9.95.  That would just be the lobster with no sides.  That part is all a la carte. 

We sat at the bar last Sunday night.  The place wasn’t particularly crowded but getting the bartender to acknowledge us was a bit tricky.  The bartender or the other waiter hanging out wasn’t exactly sure what the special fish of the day was but they were going to find out.  27 seems to be a bit of a college or post-college hang out where the sense of service is secondary to hanging. 

We ordered just 2 things.  I believe there are only 5 appetizers and about 5 main courses so unless something turns you on of those few things, you are bummed.  We had the spicy Asian chicken wings to start.  Not bad.  A bit thick on the coating but the taste was good and had a nice presentation served alongside with a blue cheese dip and some celery and carrots.  We also split the fish of the day once we found out what it was.  The fish of the season out here is always striped bass.  Striped bass grilled and served over a bed of greens.  A pretty big salad actually and a well cooked piece of fish for $25.  A bit crazy on the price considering the place, location but they are probably making up for the bargain price on the lobster special.

I’m not running back.  It is OK not great.  I liked it better last summer.  My guess is that next summer there will be a new name again or perhaps new owners so I’ll wait for that.