10m_3Quinceanera is a celebration of your 15th birthday which is a passing ritual in the Latin culture.  I know from a friend of mind that they celebrate the 15th birthday in Brazil too.  In the states, it is about the Sweet 16 but not south of the border. 

Quinceanera is an indie film that got raves reviews at the Sundance Film Festival this past year.  I saw the movie today.  A wonderful slice of life into a community of Latinos living in Echo Park.  This is a growing community in our country.  This film gives the viewer some insight into their world. 

Magdalena is approaching her 15th birthday when she discovers she is pregnant.  Her father kicks her out.  Her cousin has been kicked out of his house because he is gay.  They both find themselves living with their 85 year old uncle who is a loving non-judgemental man.  Magdalena and her cousin find themselves as the movie unfolds. 

Each character is living the life they have been given.  It is an uplifting movie and really well done.  A coming of age film but also a glimpse into life of Latinos living in America which is something we should see much more of. 

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  1. Jim Fobes

    Quinceanara celebrations were a part of my life growing up in eastern Los Angeles County. Since moving back o SoCal from Silicon Valley, I’ve been to several Quinceanara parties for boyhood friends’ nieces, grandchildren and others. The tradiional gift in my family for such events is a Mexican $10 gold piece tucked inside a woman’s wallet.
    I really enjoy your posts JoAnn.
    jim Forbes