Shopping in the East Village

AutomatWe lived in the East Village from 1987-1992.  We watched new restaurants come in and go out, stores come in and go out, classic institutions stay forever.  Truth is, the East Village hasn’t change that much since then except prices have gone up and the store fronts have changed but the locations remain the same.  I am thrilled that so many of the local bakeries, German butchers are still around and have stayed in business.  That is one of the best parts of the East Village, all the local merchants.

Jessica, Emily and I took a little stroll around on Sunday afternoon to see the variety of stores that are mostly on 9th Street and St. Marks between 1st and A.  It was the same location 15 years ago where I shopped.

Most of the shops scale to a younger crowd.  I really liked to see what the young designers are doing who have their own store fronts.  There are ample used clothing stores but I will highlight the new stuff.

Meg which is at 312 East Ninth Street.  Cute stuff.  All made for the store.  Got a cute hat.  Worth returning.  Comfortable clothing with style.

Pinkyotto was my favorite.  Groovy fun and some totally out there styles and cuts.  Groovy and different.  Reasonably priced.  Jess and Em liked this the best and said they’d be back. 

Just ramble through the streets, check out the new stuff.  The kicker is the new Automat (picture above) on St. Mark’s right off of First Avenue.  Check it out.  We didn’t taste, but looked.  It is amazing how things come back.