Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman’s editorial today was spot on.  Unfortunately since the NYTimes hold his editorials hostage to people who only buy the NYTimes or pay online to get his musings not everyone can read it.  Very unfortunate because he is an incredible writer who can articulate this thoughts brilliantly.  Truthfully he should negotiate with the NYTimes to get more eyeballs but that is an ongoing issue that drives Fred crazy.

Friedman writes about how he is so disgusted with the Bush administration’s lack of judgment, management, morals etc. that he is supporting major changes in the elections this fall.  The "grotesque incompetence they have exhibited in Iraq – a war that was not preordained to fail, but was never given  a proper change to succeed – it makes this country look like a banana republic".  Ouch.  He is writing about something that I continue to ask myself and our friends, where is the outrage?

Truth is, we have not had to suffer.  After 9/11, this country has not been asked to give up anything.  Taxes have been cut, we are still gas guzzling away on SUV’s, we have just gone on with absolutely no sacrifices.  The only people who have made serious sacrifices is the military.  Our military has been sent over seas to fight a war that was never thought out intelligently and has now taken thousands of US  lives and god knows how many innocent Iraqis lives.  Families of these kids have sacrificed because not only are we not better off for it, we are worse.  The Bush’s own administration has done an analysis of the war and has come to the conclusion that we are making terrorism worse.  I knew that, how come they didn’t? 

My guess is once the US announces that there will be a draft, there will be outrage.  This group will probably will leave that for the next Administration.  Taking responsibiltity is not something this group is very good at but spinning it for their own use, well that they are excellent at.

Friedman hopes, and so do I, that the Democrats take back the House and Senate in the upcoming elections.  He hopes that the Democrats win by one vote in both.  Smart idea.  Then it will force both the parties to work together and come to the middle.  Enough of the Republicans just setting their own agenda without any thought about what their actual job is.  There job is to represent the people who voted them into office.  It is apparent through the latest Foley debacle that like the Priesthood they are only interested in protecting their seat not protecting the people that put them there.  It is just disgusting what is happening in American politics today.

So, I’m hoping for what Tom Friedman wrote about today.  A Democratic majority by a nose so perhaps it will force them all to look at the reality of where our country stands, push the Democrats to be more articulate about the Presidential 2008 election and get the politicians to create an environment that works not one that is tilted left through rose colored glasses but one that is right in the middle. 

Otherwise, we might want to rethink how our entire Government is run because right now nothing is looking very good.

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  1. lou

    the army national guard reached their quota of

    70,000 new recruits!

    it is a myth that democrats can or will improve the situation.

    the constitution is dead.

    whats for lunch?