Bob Dylan at the Morgan Library

DylanEvery time I went up Madison Avenue I got to see the progress being made at the Morgan Library.  The work was completed a few months ago and one of the first exhibits is retrospective of Bob Dylan during 1956-1966. 

Both Emily and Jessica are going with their school so it was essential (being big Dylan fans) that Josh got there too.  Saturday afternoon, Fred, Josh and Josh’s best bud Ben and his Dad joined us.  We were all glad we went.

First of all, the new space is quite incredible.  The large glass windows encased in steel against the old parts of the building.  The elevator is spectacular just alone.  The architects did an incredible job.  Very impressive.  That alone was worth going to see.

The exhibit is on the second floor, one large room.  The Morgan is a library so the majority of the exhibit is actual album covers, songs literally written by Dylan, stuff Dylan had signed for Columbia, artists that he played with, concert posters etc.  Technology has given this exhibit the ability to show stuff at a completely different level.  There are small rooms with flat panels showing films and playing music off the albums that Dylan recorded during the 10 year span that is shown.  It was really great.

Dylans book, Chronicles 1,  is basically what is covered in this show.  So if you have read the book, it all comes back as you walk through and see and hear what you read.

The exhibit is small so for the boys, it was the perfect amount of time.  Also, seeing his old guitars in person was very cool.

One thing that is so clear is that even if Dylan had only made music for the 10 years of this retrospective, he’d still be one of the greatest song writers of his time.  Considering his career has spanned over 50 years and continues (the last album, Modern Times he put out this past summer was incredible), just makes you realize once again what a genius Bob Dylan is.