Hats off to Eliot Spitzer

Images1_7Eliot Spitzer has proposed to give $7 billion to the New York School system over the next four years.  $3.1 going to New York City Schools.  Spitzer said "there will be no more excuses for failure, the debate will no longer be about money, but about performance.  The goal will no longer be adequacy, but excellence.  And the timetable will no longer be tomorrow, but today"

If this is approved the possibilities are endless.  I just hope that there is a true visionary implementing how the money is spent.  That is a huge amount that could end up being tossed into Union pockets or poorly executed ideas.  Unfortunately, that is something that happens more than often in the world of Government.

But if in fact the money is well spent, the impact made on children in the New York will be seen for generations to come.  Congratulations to Eliot Spitzer for having the vision to see our children as our future.  They aren’t old enough to vote but Spitzer is obviously more interested in leaving a legacy and making sincere changes in the status quo.  Thank god there is one politician out there like that and he happens to be our new Governor.

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  1. Jim Fobesj

    where is the money coming from?

    jim Forbes