A political rant..

Eliot Spitzer is going to change the way New York Government works if it is the last thing he does.  I have to hand it to him.  He got slapped in the face by his fellow cronies who did not vote in any of the recommendations from the committee who looked at all the possible Comptrollers.  Although everyone said they were going to vote for Eliot’s pick.  Instead they opted for an old time insider who wasn’t even recommended.  Eliot is being public about his disgust in the way that the representatives just rolled over and played dead.  He denounced a local assemblymen, I quote, "Bill Magnarelli is one of those unfortunate Assembly members who just raises his hand when he’s told to do so, and didn’t even bother to stand up and say, ‘whose interest am I representing?’"  Wow.  That is huge for Spitzer to be public usually this type of conversation is held for backroom negotiating.  Good for Eliot.  Go get them and change the way we do business.  I agree with him this week when he said that the vote for an insider was basically a sad depiction of Government at work. 

Paul Krugman wrote in todays New York Times about John Edwards health plan.  Krugman broke it down in layman’s terms so we can understand exactly what Edwards is proposing.  Very clever actually.  Edwards strategy enables everyone to have health care and force the way Insurance companies work now to change and spend their money in more productive ways vs. advertisement and making sure people are actually eligible to get their insurance (hoping they are so healthy they will never cash in).  Everyone is covered.  I won’t go into the details but I do like the plan. 

What I also liked about Edwards health plan is that he has one.  He is the only candidate so far who actually has set forth some initiative to explain what he would do.  I am not saying that I am supporting Edwards but so far Hilary and Obama have just given speeches with no clear cut visions or strategies just rhetoric.  Totally politics as usual.  Do they both get up in the morning, read the polls and just talk about what people want to hear that day?  Where is their strategies to get us out of Iraq?  Where is their health care plans?  They are Senators now and can work on strategies with fellow Democrats.  Don’t have they have some clout to get something done in Washington today?  How can we get behind either Obama or Hilary, give them a donation, when they haven’t said anything. 

Both of them could use a good dose of Eliot Spitzer.  You might not like what Eliot stands for but at least he stands for something.  Edwards too.  This election I am all about change.  Someone who actually has the ability to stand up and say what they believe in regardless of the latest opinion poll.  A true leader who is going to lead us down a different path.  Not a path based on what they think the people in this country think they need.  After all, the people in this country voted for George Bush not once, but twice.

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  1. Bonny

    Amen sister…………

  2. l

    the democratic party was bought and sold

    same as the republican one.

    we’re about to invade iran and every democratic

    congressperson knows it.

    america is not done, unfortunately.

    there is no proof whatsoever george bush was

    elected, however there is ample proof of

    voter fraud.

  3. Jess Curtis

    Mitt Romney has a pretty good health-care plan: apparently MA is pretty happy with it anyway.