Josh Turns 11

The_boysThis is the second year in a row we planned on going to Aqueduct Race Track with a bunch of boys and some adults to bet on the horses.  Great party right?  Last  year we got snowed out, this year we got frozen out.  Such a drag.  I am not sure I will attempt again next year.  Strike 3 is probably looming.  I think we will just go in April when the weather gets nicer and bring a couple of kids.  Party in February is not happening. 

We had to regroup at 9am and had 10 kids appearing at 1045.  Ugh!  Needless to say Josh was bummed.  We had rented a bus so we could do anything.  Paintball, indoor sports arena, museums, ESPN sports room?  No, No, No.  How about Dim Sum in Chinatown and then a basketball game and possibly some poker afterward?  Josh gave that the full nod.  Called everyone and said not to dress up (dress code at Aqueduct) and a new agenda was planned.

Dim Sum was a blast.  Most of the kids had never been.  They tasted everything.  It was entertainment.  We went to Golden Unicorn on East Broadway.  Telling them we were coming with a group of 20 on the phone was not exactly easy but eventually we communicated.  We ate everything from barbecued pork buns to shrimp dumplings to spinach dumplings to sweet buns to duck.  I can’t even remember everything we ate.  The one thing about Dim Sum is you really must pace yourself.  Also, stuff comes out later that you are sorry that you didn’t wait for. 

We got back in our bus and went over to the Thompson street gym ( our school gym ) and the kids playedCandles basketball.  Perfect.  We had cupcakes and played a little poker before getting back on the bus back to our house.  Parents picked up their kids and the party ended.  The bus was key since it was about 10 degrees outside yesterday.  Another birthday party passed.  Real birthday is February 14th. 

Perhaps this is the last of the birthday parties that I will have to plan.  Wow.  That will be a true milestone.

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  1. bcarragher

    Hey Gothamgal, just wondering if you’ve ever tried Is it worth checking out?

  2. Bonny

    Happy birthday to Josh. I am in the midst of planning my son’s 11th and my youngest’s 5th! Thanks for the great ideas 😉

  3. Party 4 a Cause

    Hey there! there’s actually a GREAT dim sum place on mott street. It just opened a few months ago. But I can’t quite remember the name, unfortunately. I just know it by its chinese name. It’s across the street from Mandarin court and Big Wong (b/w bayard and canal). I think it’s next to Vegetarian house, which is supposed to have great dim sum too.

  4. Elizabeth H.

    Great birthday plan. Dim sum is a great idea.