Gotham Bar and Grill

The total ultimate 14 year old experience, going to Gotham Bar and Grill for your birthday.  Truly can’t beat that.  Bonus part is that we all came along for the meal. 

I have eaten at the Gotham Bar, at the bar a million times but haven’t sat at the tables for a real sit down dinner in easily 15 years.  It isn’t like we haven’t experience the food over the years but sitting down and having dinner with everyone was a serious treat. 

After all these years, I believe almost 20, that Gotham has been in business, the food is fantastic.  There were 7 of us, so tasting was abundant.

I started with the seafood salad, a classic.  The Gotham has been making that dish for years and it is still delicious.  Lots of seafood (shrimp, mussels, lobster, clams, etc.) mixed with a light vinaigrette and some red leaf lettuce, piled up high.  Chunks of seafood, light and just so good.  The tuna tartare was a big hit too.  Small chunks of raw tuna shaped into a salad with pieces of avocado and wasabi.  Tasty and fresh.  The Hamachi appetizer was small slices of yellowtail with a ponzi sauce over the raw fish.  Tastes like you are at one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. 

Dinner was just as good.  I had the Sea Bass.  Curried cauliflower and lentils served with poached raisins and a spicy tamarind sauce.  Really delicious and tasty but light at the same time.  The Cod was marinated in miso, sliced like butter and combined with bok choy, sticky rice and tasty shitake mushrooms.  Josh went with the chicken although he wasn’t sure because chicken, is well chicken.  But, it was delicious.  Gnocchi, panchetta, broccoli rabe combined with a brown sauce and a crispy piece of chicken over the top.  Warm, juicy and delicious.  The pork was perfectly cooked and the butternut squash, toasted barley and poached pears really complement the pork.  Everything was cooked to perfection.   Truly delicious.

We had a chocolate cake for dessert and sang Emily Happy Birthday.  Of course, they served a few plates of different cookies to taste which was just a huge added bonus.

The kids were completely wowed with the food.  Guess what, so were the adults. 

Happy Birthday Emily.  Nice pick for dinner…

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  1. erin

    what a fabulous menu. totally my type of place. this will be the place i want to try on my next nyc trip. it’s also very athletic-minded—as long as you can foot the bill!