We’re Outta Here

In college, I believe, I moved 8 different times.  Out at the end of year into a summer place, then semester-ed abroad, came back, got an apartment, moved again and again and again.  When I graduated from college and got a job at Macy’s, I stayed 4 years.  Once I left Macy’s, it was easy to move again and again.  For me, change is good.  It represents growth and new. 

For some people, change is scary and intimidating.  Not for me, or for Fred.  We are decision makers.  We love the new.  The new restaurant, the new trends, the new movies, the new plays, the new purchases, the next move, the next vacation.  It keeps us going.  Also, we never look back. 

Our move isn’t far but it is the first leg of the journey.  A rental first, then the next place that we are in the processing of developing.  Yes, two moves in probably less than two years.  All exciting. 

Today is almost the last leg of the first step.  I get excited just watching each item leave the house.  Even the kids are excited.  Nobody cared about our last night or saying adieu this morning, it was all about what’s going on tonight? 

I am all smiles today after a few weeks of insanity but all well worth it.  I am not sure why but all this change reminds me of a great quote I read in Vanity Fair years ago from Bill Blass.  They asked him "What is your favorite object".  He answered "Why of course, the last thing that I purchased".

Comments (Archived):

  1. BTD

    For years I’ve walked past your house, I remember wondering what was going on when it was being renovated, must say I always thought it was quite a sight and the interior must be amazing. Of course, all that was before I discovered your blog.

    Glad to hear that you aren’t leaving the area and best of luck with the future.

  2. Doug

    Don’t you find moving a hassle? Packing everything up and unpacking. And you’re doing it twice! Your positive attitude is at least refreshing…I’m living in a fifth floor walk-up and the thought of moving gives me chills.

  3. anonymous

    It helps, Gotham Gal, that you can pretty much afford anything you want…