Another Day in LA

Yesterday, we went for the culture. 

Once we got it together, we made our way up to the Getty Museum.  Not only is the setting beautiful, architecturally the building is interesting.  Part is modern, while other parts seem to be replications of museums in Florence.  The collection is Greek and Roman antiquities. 

As a whole, the kids were not that interested because we just had an intensive study of this when we were in Italy but the museum is fantastic for schools around the area. 

The gardens are great just to sit in.  The weather wasn’t exactly cooperating so we made a lap around the place and went on to our next activity.

We continued with the art theme and took a drive over to the Bergamot Station Arts Center.  A complex of art galleries that mostly represent emerging contemporary artists.  We roamed through a few of the galleries.Bergamont_art
  Our favorite was the Lois Lamberts, Gallery of Functional Art. They not only were showing an artist, David Buckingham, they also had a store that carried a variety of works from artists.  The kids really enjoyed it. 

Afterwards, we headed over to Undefeated, a fantastic sneaker store in Santa Monica, where we did some serious sneaker shopping.  We haven’t had the best success in clothing shopping, Fred Segal let us down this time, but the sneaker shopping was a bit hit.