Go Project

When I think about it, I believe a lot of the people we know, support or are involved in a non-profit organization.  This is a good thing.  From the arts, to disease to education.  Although we try and support every organization in some way that our friends are involved in, I definitely have a place in my heart for the organizations that are helping kids become better kids and eventually become solid adults. 

My friend, is the co-chair of the Go Project.  She is passionate about it and I have watched on the sidelines as Go has touched more kids.  Their mission is to take at-risk kids in elementary school and their families in Lower Manhattan and help them learn how to improve their academics through services and programs. 

Last night was their annual fundraiser which is obviously a key to the annual budget.  Josh came along because the girls are out in California visiting their cousins for Special Person’s Day at their school.  Josh asked a million questions.  When I explained to him what our friend was doing similar work to what I did at  MOUSE, there are an aha moment.  Josh said, "Oh, it is a non-profit organization helping kids".  I couldn’t have asked for a better answer.