The Inn LW12

About 2 weeks ago I had made reservations at The Inn LW12.  It is in our new neighborhood and I thought it would be fun to check out.  So, I picked a date and made reservations.  As always, I confirm if I am coming or because not only is the right thing to do, it is a business and their patrons should be courteous in helping them manage their reservations.  I got a call on Wednesday afternoon to confirm.  I called at 8am Thursday morning and left a message on their machine, sorry but unfortunately we can’t make it tonight.

The next day, I get a message on my phone machine saying that since I had not given them 24 hours notice, we will be charging your credit card $50 a person.  I had to give her a credit card to hold the reservation.  I was flabbergasted.  It was for four people, so I was going to be dinged $200.

I called back and left a message, since nobody picked up.  I was never told that I would be charged $50 a person if I did not confirm within 24 hours ( if I knew that, I would have made sure I did it 24 hours in advance), I never signed anything so when I call American Express and tell them I did not approve the charge and what happened, they will surely not be thrilled, not a great way to impress the locals who live in the neighborhood or I guess you could care about them, I am not sure I would have spent $50 a person and you got a bad review in the NY Times this past week so is this how you are going to make your money to stay in business?  I was blown away.

End of story, I never got charged and I never got called back.  Would I ever consider stepping foot in The Inn LW12…not on your life.