Eurydice is the new play by Sarah Ruhl currently playing at the Second Stage Theater on 43rd Street.  As a whole, I have really enjoyed the majority of the plays put on by Second Stage this season.  I am definitely signing up again to be a patron again for next year. 

Eurydice is a Greek tragedy.  Set in a more modern setting with contemporary characters.  Fred and I went with the girls (they are patrons too).  The girls really hated it.  I was not as harsh.  The acting was really excellent but as I am consistently partial to new plays not old plays with new takes. 

Eurydice meets and accepts Orpheus hand in marriage.  Her father, who is no longer on this earth, has watched her from afar in the underworld.  On her wedding day, she reunites with her father as he tries to help her remember her lost love.  The ending is somewhat like Romeo and Juliet. 

The best part of the entire play was watching Maria Dizzia on stage.  She embraces her character yet she is absolutely adorable and full of life.  I am looking forward to seeing her in other productions in the future. Unfortunately, this play just didn’t do it for me.