Josh goes to camp

For the last 3 summers, the kids have all gone to the same camp together for 8 weeks.  This year, everything changed.  The camp was no longer the right environment for our kids and it was time for a change. 

Josh took the plunge and went to a new all boys camp in Maine.  Josh loves the ladies, so we will see how an all boys camp plays out.  It is all about sports and sports.  Probably a good thing to be incredibly active day and night.  He was excited but I am sure a little ambivalent.  How could you not be? 

We dropped him off at the bus yesterday at 9am in Westchester.  Waiting for the letter to see how he is.  The last camp had access on the web to see pictures of the kids and you can send them an email ( but they can’t send one back ).  This camp is an old fashioned camp which I like.  Send letters to them and hopefully they will send one to you.  No scheduled phone calls unless you want to talk which I like too.  Just enjoy the summer and the fresh air.  Keep it simple. 

The girls leave on Friday to their various activities.  All good.

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