Bon Bons

Love bon bons.  What could be bad?  Chocolate covered ice cream.  We attempted to make them at home.  The problem I have always had with making food that is dipped in chocolate before setting is that it never comes out exactly like I envisioned.  The problem is the chocolate gets mushy.  After trying it out a few times, I believe the key is having about 4 times the amount of chocolate you need and a wok scoop that is good for deep frying.  But that tends to get pretty pricey. You’d take the ice cream balls in the wok scoop, dip it in the chocolate and then freeze them. Unfortunately, I figured out the huge amount of chocolate after the fact.

We bought four different ice creams.  Homemade ice cream wouldn’t work because the ice cream needs to get really hard before making the dip.  We used melon ball scooper and scooped out the ice cream and set it on a cookie tray covered in parchment paper and then set it in the freezer to get hard.  We had put the tray in earlier to get cold. 

We melted dark chocolate although you could use whatever chocolate you like.  Once it was completely melted we let it cool down to the point where it is still creamy but not so hot that the ice cream melts upon entry.

Then we took the ice cream balls, in our hands, rolled it very quickly through the chocolate.  Put the balls back on the tray and back to the freezer. 

Taste, fantastic.  Presentation, eh.