September is magazine month

Granted I read a slew of magazines every month.  Every couple of weeks, after reading the last issue of whatever I read, I start to look forward to my fix.  But, September is the supreme month for the magazine fix. 

The girls are totally into it too.  I have always thought of blogging the top magazines for the month but have never gotten around to it.  But, this month is special because it is all about the new Fall fashions.

W is a tome.  I have never been a huge fan of W.  A bit too fashionista for my taste and very high end.  But, it is worth scanning the ads but as a rule, I pass on W. 

Elle is hands down the best fashion magazine.  I love the content.  You can get your fill of information of what is to come in the next month by reading Elle.  What is being released from books, movies, art, theater, TV, cosmetics, clothing, travel, new stores, etc.  The layouts of clothing are good too.  Definitely worth picking up the September issue.

Vogue is the ultimate brand.  I have collected every September Vogue issue for the last 21 years.  Why?  God knows, but I have.  I’d like to go back and peruse the pages but I am afraid they will fall apart.  This September Vogue is over 800 pages.  They have a similar format to Elle but it just doesn’t have the same solid content.  I still love Vogue because after all it is Vogue. 

Bazaar has truly gone down the tubes.  I don’t even bother unless I happen to need a magazine fix that day. 

Food and Wine is my favorite of the food magazines.  Gourmet has a great September issue if you are into Mexican food.  Bon Appetit is the only one I pick up on the news stand vs. having a subscription.  Some months it is good and others questionable who their target market is.  Septembers issue is worth the pick up.  Lots of new recipes.

Just to give you an idea how crazed we are about the big Vogue issue for September.  We are out on the East End of Long Island and found out the day the magazine was hitting the stores.  Jessica, Emily and I drove into town.  Jessica went into White’s pharmacy and she got the first one coming out of the box.  Couldn’t be happier.  The woman unpacking the boxes thought she was crazy.  We bought 3 so we could have our own and discuss as we read the latest and greatest fashions for the season.

Nuts, perhaps.  But, definitely fun. 

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  1. Alan

    I share your love of magazines. It’s actually something I watch against getting too many because it cuts in other reading time too much. On the men’s side, I like Men’s Vogue – it’s not perfect but it’s got a fresh take, and generally better than GQ. I’ve read GQ since I was about 13, but it has been really uneven over the past several years. I still read it sometimes, but it never seems to live up to the late 80s when I was reading it in my teens. I also like the occasional Vanity Fair (love ‘my stuff’ and ‘my desk’), and I get into regular Vogue, Town & Country, and Architectural Digest sometimes. I’ve got a decent collection of old GQs including a couple from the 60s, and also just about every feature (from any magazine) on Ralph Lauren ever done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a heavy reader of Forbes, WSJ, and Barron’s too, but sometimes you can’t beat a good fashion mag.

  2. ellen

    March is a close second. I noticed those issues are fatter also. There is nothing like having girls to pass down your love of fashion. Vogue was a cover to cover read for me too, when I was young. Although no one was in the industry women’s wear daily was a must read. It was before “w,” and it was my favorite at 15. I still get all of those magazines, but the internet has done so much. Last night I was perusing the Chanel site for 20 minutes zooming in on all the accessories, and I love
    So you keep your old Vogues! Well, I keep my old Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogues and this is the first time I have ever revealed that secret. I thought I was the only one to review how fashion has changed or stayed the same.

    So tell me, are flared legs out or coming back in? According to Chanel-out, but I just picked up some Armani flared black silk pants on the markdown rack and I don’t want to return them, but if they are old style well…they will have to be returned, What do your girls think?