Am I at Cheers?

Why is it that the more you drink the better the food tastes? 

I went out with my sister this evening to her local hangout.  Diablo Royale on West 10th Street.  I love this place.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting with great music and just a good vibe.  We sat at the bar, no surprises there since this is my sister’s local haunt.  The bar tender, who couldn’t be cuter, has great taste in music and likes to introduce everyone and makes sure your drink is always full.  There is a local crowd who knows each other.  People flow in and out depending on the time of the night or probably the day of the week.  A great place to chat up people that might not come your way during the insanity of the work week.  Very village, very New York. 

Are we talking food?  The fish tacos are quite good rolled up in a soft taco with fish and lettuce, beans and rice on the side.  Warm crunchy chips and a spicy salsa and a solid guacamole makes the dish.

I really felt at home here.  I am definitely returning with family in tow.  I just have to convince the owners that it is okay to let us all hang out at the bar.  The rest of the restaurant was crowded, no doubt, but there is something magical about the bar. It is already drawing me back.