Shorty’s .32

Last night after Josh’s first theatrical performance, we walked over to Shorty’s .32 to see if there were any tables available.  No reservations. We were promised that we’d sit with in 30 minutes.  We went for it.  Well it wasn’t exactly 30 minutes but the place was rocking, the owner is friendly and we figured, why not. 

Shorty’s .32 is a great addition to the outer edge of Soho.  We are in that neighborhood often and generally find ourselves sitting at the bar at Aquagrill.  Shorty’s definitely gives us some other good options.

The restaurants is small.  Mixture of odd lamps hanging from the ceiling.  Nice sized wrap around bar that is part of the seating.  The menu is good home cooking. 

We finally sat down and we were becoming antsy and it was late.  The owner had 3 bowls of the artichoke soup sent over for the six of us which was really nice.  Creamy and rich with loads of artichoke flavor.  A nice start.  We all just went for main courses at this point.  Everyone had a really good meal.  I went with the chicken.  A total winner.  Juicy and more than necessary with a crispy skin over a rich buttery helping of mashed potatoes and a cold green bean salad on the side.  Just like home.  Jessica went with the fish.   Pan roasted sea bass  served over quinoa and pickled beets on the side.  Definitely one of the lighter entrees but quite good.  The pork chops were also really good.  Maple flavored pork chop, nice size and juicy served over a nice helping of whipped sweet potatoes and caramelized brussell sprouts on the side.  Fred went with the braised short ribs which were excellent.  Lots of flavor and completely falling off the bone.  Grilled leeks on the side and a nice bowl of macaroni and glue.  Everything is seriously heavy and rich but wonderful flavors.  Dessert was not happening for this crowd and it was late. 

Nice place.  Good feel.  Good food.  Reminds me of the Market Table.  You can eat this type of food often.  Nothing fancy just good home cooking.  Expect to see Shorty’s .32 around for a long time.