State of the Union?

As much as it pains me to watch George Bush, I felt compelled to watch the last State of the Union last night.

I realize that there is past protocol to applaud the President as he enters the room.  But the smirk on his face as everyone applauds him infuriates me.  Even as the Senate applauds, I wonder what could they possibly be applauding?  The speech was the same rhetoric we have heard for the past 7 years.  Lies and more lies.  Bush speaks for unity and change but once the speech is over, it is business as usual.

Was I hoping for something different?  Perhaps.  Bush’s time is over, thank god, but hoping for him to take the last year to leave on a high note.  Instead, he is leaving the US worse off than when he was handed the Presidency 7 years ago and continues go to down that path.  Our standing in the world, our economy, the war in Iraq.  Shall I go on?

Just more rhetoric.  I am sick of the lies and the empty words.  Is Obama or Hillary going to change that?  Perhaps that is what everyone sitting in the House last night was thinking.  Then why all the standing ovations?  I found the applause hollow and I believe most Americans saw through that.  Just because you are a President doesn’t mean you just get a round of applause because you show up to the podium.  Maybe the applause were for the fact that his Presidency is almost over.   They were on my end.

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  1. Karol

    No one in my lifetime (I was born during Ford) disgraced the office of the presidency as much as Bill Clinton and yet I would never not applaud him if he came to the podium. The really poisonous rhetoric of the past 8 years has been on the left, their hatred for Bush has blinded them to basic decency and respect for your president, whoever he might be.