Return to Commerce

We returned to Commerce for dinner on Saturday night.  Now that they have settled into a groove, here is my take.  The food is really good.  I had the soft shell crab special and the sashimi to begin.  Fred had the chicken breast with sauteed peas and ramps.  All delicious and well cooked.  The breads on the table are also a bonus.  I would continue to come back for the food but here is the problem….the noise level.

The noise level is so high that you can’t really hear anybody speak.  In turn, everyone starts speaking louder and louder.  The noise also creates this frenetic vibe that makes the wait staff a little disoriented.  Our waiter, wasn’t sure where to stand.  He took our order but then appeared frazzled.  I asked him to get the wine and the bread.  It was as if he was happy to have someone give him direction.

My recommendation to Commerce is to take two days and put some type of fabrication on the ceiling which will reduce the noise level by decibels.  It isn’t a 20 year old hipster place and the clientele that they will continue to draw off of for years to come don’t want to scream at each other through a meal.  The food is so good and deserves to be served in an environment that is calming and enjoyable vs. tense and loud. 

Walking out on to Commerce street after the meal took my anxiety level down 10 points.  Commerce…fix the noise!