And on Sunday they rested…

And on Sunday they rested, almost. 

I am exhausted.  Last night, Jess went out to a club with her friends.  Getting home is a challenge.  Paris is not like NYC where you walk out on the street and just hail a cab.  It proved to be quite a challenge.  Listening to her night makes me pine, but only for a few seconds, to be 17 again.  Of course, 17 years old and our child.  I have actually vowed to come back in my next life a size 4, that can wear and eat anything and live the life of our children.  Jess went to a club and around 130 am, The Virgins got up and started performing out of nowhere.  All the top worldly hipsters were there, Cory Kennedy and Agnes Deyn.  I could see Fred was either dying that his 17 year old daughter was roaming Paris at 2 am or that he wishes he was at the club.  Hard to judge. 

Green market
I barely slept 4 hours last night.  We had to get up to go to the Green Market today at Boulevard Raspail.  Opens at 7am and closes at 1pm.  It is completely organic and not that big.  We were all in a fog.  We walked through the market and picked up a few goodies for breakfast and dinner but left short-handed.  We forgot that Paris closes up on Sunday.  How civilized.  We got muffins, breads, tomatoes, and sausages.  One potato pancake to go but otherwise, not enough food.

We sauntered home and made our spread for breakfast.  Then, we relaxed.  Finished off our reservations for dinner, planned trips that are coming up and realized it was time to get more food. Bon Marche is closed on Sunday so we needed to go to the Marais.  The Jews (we are one of them) are open on Sundays and closed on Saturdays.  Perfect.

The girls and I went to the Marais, walked the area and found a few places where we could buy bread,Bfast
cheese and meat and of course, a few sweets.  Yes!  Also, the shopping there is fantastic.  We will return.  Sort of Sohoesque.  The side streets have some hip stores and the main street is like West Broadway.  Fred and Josh took a bike ride back to Il St. Louis for a little ice cream at Berthillon.

There are a few things that are frustrating about living in an apartment in Paris.  The supplies to use for cooking are beyond lacking. I feel as I am back in college.  Air conditioning is a joke but lucky for us, the weather has been cooperating.  Charming in some ways.  All technology is bootstrapped.  We can bootstrap, thank god.  The Metro is wonderful. Paper products are nil.  Think green and bring your own bag.  

We stayed at home tonight and made our smorgasbord of goodies, drank wine and tasted desserts.  Obviously exercise is not part of this program except some serious walking.  Alas. 

It is actually a nice thing living somewhere for a month where life is not what you are used to.  Makes you think about the world differently.  That can only be a good thing.  As the world gets flatter, seeing different cultures gives all of us a different perspective on the world.

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  1. fred

    at 2:45am i was mostly concerned

    when i heard the story the next morning i was mostly jealous

  2. Judy

    living in another country another culture I think enhances beyond traveling to x# countries cities in that same period of time
    Its a different experience

  3. MaverickNY

    This made me homesick and longing for Europe.

    Simple food, simple pleasures, lots of exercise by walking or cycling around and no frightful air conditioning chilling you to the bone everywhere you go.

    Ah to be รก Paris in the autumn right now…

  4. karigee

    I’m reading this as I sit in the Marais right now, at the beginning of an apartment swap (from NYC) for the month of July. You’re giving me some wonderful tips here; thank you!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Have a wonderful time. Love love Paris.