Birthday Parties

We went to two birthday parties this week.  Not for a two year old but one for a 40 year old and one for a 45 year old.  Both lots of fun and a great way to get all your friends together and celebrate a milestone.  I admit, seeing my friends turn 45 and then 50 sounds stranger than it is considering I am right up there with them.

The first party was at Indochine.  Who would have thought that Indochine is still rocking some 20 odd years later.  The food is still good, the place is still hip.  Everything was served family style which was perfect.  Grilled eggplant, spicy Thai shrimp, poached fish in soy, mini crab cakes, etc.  By 10:30, the restaurant was packed and rocking with other parties and events.  The last time I was at Indochine was for a engagement party about 20 years ago.  Always a party place.

The other party was in Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn.  It was wonderful.  The party took place at Frankie's in the backyard where there is another room for an event.  They have an old stable and plenty of room to tent or leave open.  Family style Italian food.  Starting us off with thick slices of bread with either tuna, ricotta, pumpkin puree, avocado, slathered over the top.  Really good.  Then we had the classic Caesar salad and a variety of pasta dishes.  A very mellow place that would be nice to have down the street.  Maybe it is just me getting older or maybe it is the different lives everyone goes through in NYC but I saw people last night that I didn't even know knew each other.  It was nice to connect with people who I knew a few years back and here about where they are in their life.  Most of these people are in the early 40's and just entering parenthood.  Lots of entrepreneurs which is always interesting.

I actually felt like the older person last night just by having kids who are entering the exit strategy.  Different phases of life.  All and all two really enjoyable evenings.  Made me think about planning an all adult birthday party next year.