Sex in the City

The reviews have been scathing but who cares.  I had to see it.  I watched Sex and the City every season until it sadly ended.  I watched all the shows ( a large majority of them ) again last summer with Jess and Em.    How could I not see it the first day it opened?  Me and a million other women, in line, dressed up to see their friends on the screen.

Sex and the City definitely made its mark on our culture but the appeal is the friendships. Yes, the clothes are fantastic and one of the best parts of the movie but it isn't that which appealed to me ( well, it did appeal to me but it wasn't the number one thing).  It was like watching 5 shows in a row which is exactly what the movie is.  The girls were back in my living room.  Watching their lives, their soap operas, their friendships, their heartache, their decisions, their jokes, their banter was like reuniting with old friends.

You really had to be familiar with the characters to watch the movie.  There was zero character development.  It was like seeing an old friend that you haven't seen in 5 years and the conversation continues where you left off.  Same shit, different day.  The movie was bad but it was good.  I enjoyed all the nonsense.  It made me laugh and feel good.  It was a feeling of comfort. 

I admit that I'd see it again on video.  There was a huge marketing opportunity lost.  They should have sold a magazine with every outfit worn by each character on each page.  Then I could go back and discuss the nonsense of the movie once again as I thumbed through the pages and discussed those designer duds.

What can I say?  I am a fan.

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