Le Chateaubriand, in the 11th.

Our friend recommended Le Chateaubriand as one of the “must” restaurants to go to.  And so, we did.

The restaurant is located in the 11th.  Loved the vibe.  A real old place with a zinc type bar, very old school Paris.  The chef, Inaki Aizpitarte, is innovative to say the least.  He is in the field of the young chefs that are attempting to reinvent cooking.  The menu constantly changes based on the season.  So some things are unbelievable and others miss the mark.  It was worth the journey. 

Here is the email that I sent our friend, who told us to go there.  Very steam of conscious but it was right after we ate so probably more on the mark.

Just had dinner…got a menu.  Loved the vibe.  Parts genius others not so good.  Began with a scoop of chilled and hard cantelope in a cold broth with cubes of duck gelatin and raw langoustine spoonfulls.  Divine.  Next course was fois gras with tongue and turnips.  Best fois gras ever.  Next was a cod poached with grasses.  The broth actually turned the bread green.  Boring and tasteless.  Main course was his take on a charcuterie platter.  Corned beef like pulled meat with sauerkraut in a square cube and a tiny dollop of wasabe and spicy mustard on the side with an excellent small sausage (think hot dog meets brautwurst).  Dessert was raspberries in a boiled down balsamic vinegar that tasted caramel like with a meringue ice on top.  Didn’t love.  Not that full sort of have a desire to run out and eat an eclair. 

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  1. leafar

    Very good recommendation. It was on of my favorite place in paris. I say was because he really became crowdy (and sometimes difficult to make a reservation) a few months ago.

    Desert are strange but i do love the mix of vinegar, pepper and strawberry or raspberry they have also an Olive Oil chocolate (very good but a bit heavy).

    There is some surprise in the meal but that’s something I do love. So i am ready to have a missed plate over the course of the dinner. Like when i go seeing new dance show or plays.

    happy to see you had an overall good food experience in paris ;-D