I love a good clean.  Cleaning out the closet for the next season.  Organizing the pantry.  I also enjoy the toss which is all part of the good clean. 

We have been accumulating stuff at our house in the east end of Long Island for years.  We generally do a mild clean every year but this year I got bit by the bug.  Old clothes, old bottles in the pantry, arts and craft kits, broken toys, etc.

I am sure everyone in my family is thrilled they were not here to witness the event.  I get a look in my eye and everyone clears out. 

There is a huge pile sitting outside the house.  Pick up is on Wednesday.  The house is spotless, the closets are sparkling.  I feel like a new person.   Really, there is nothing else quite like it. 

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  1. fredwilson

    yes, we were thrilled not to witness the event, but we are also scared to come back and find out what you threw out that we wanted to keep 🙂