We went to a fund-raiser for Obama/Biden ticket last night.  They raised $800,000 which is the largest amount ever raised without Obama or Biden being at the event.  Quite impressive.

To me, it says a few things.  People want change.  People want to see new leadership.  People are willing to support Obama's candidacy with money but don't feel that giving money is a quid pro quo that means I get face time particularly when this event was calling out for the big checks.  All of this is a good thing.  Granted this is NYC where I believe over 60% of all money raised by candidates happens here so I am well aware of that fact.  But, still.

The event began at the Pace Wildenstein Gallery on 22nd Street where we heard from supporters who have been making their way across the country such as Alice Waters.  After the group event we were given tickets to go to an individual home (I believe there were 10) to have dinner and talk.   A very smart event.  The dinner parties were more intimate vs the whole crowd and allowed for free flowing conversation about change or whatever one chooses.  There were a variety of people at our event that were each doing their own thing from raising money for Senate races, giving towards advertising campaigns in different states, being involved with the arts policies and people on the Obama campaign, etc.  It was wonderful to hear about so many people doing their part to hopefully make a difference and elect Obama as the next President.

At our dinner, we were wined and dined by Michael Anthony, the chef from Gramercy Tavern.  I used to spend an incredible amount of time at GT in the front room.  Not only does GT have a special place in my history and heart, I have always loved the food.  After having a delicious meal last night, I am making a point to return soon for dinner.

To start we had a piece of halibut served over a spaghetti squash that had been cooked down and a light sherry sauce over the top.  Simple, elegant and delicious.  For dinner we had lamb.  4 small pieces of medium rare lamb sliced over a braised lamb confit.  I always like the combo of one meat so you can see how different the preparations can be.  The lamb was served along with a combo of fall beans and a tomato confit over the top.  Really flavorful.  Dessert topped off the meal.  A large chocolate macaroon with a chewy light chocolate cream inside next to a peanut butter semifreddo – looked like a large deconstructed Reese's peanut butter cup.  The semifreddo had a dollop of caramelized peanut butter inside and a swatch of chocolate on the side with candied salty peanuts and a dollop of vanilla whipped cream.  I could have eaten the whole thing but held myself back while Fred ate his and most of mine.

A really nice night listening to interesting people and supporting a cause that we all feel very strongly about.   The countdown continues…