Yesterday we flew to Munich for a 24 hour jaunt.  Fred's entire family is in Munich for vacation for 2 days before heading off to Garmisch.  The last time I was in Munich was 25 years ago.  Just saying out loud that I was somewhere 25 years ago when I was an adult and could consume alcohol freely is beyond strange.

We got in to Munich, showered and met up with everyone.  Basically toured the Xmas markets.  Didn't do any site seeing besides that.  The markets were fun.  Lots of food to taste.  First thing we hit up was a sausage stand.  Fred and I split a knock-wurst.  I really wanted to find the perfect bratwurst booth before going for the real deal.  My brother in law had a sauerkraut potato bacon mixture that was really good at the first stall. 

Then we entered the main drag and sure enough, was a small stall with 3 German women cooking awayLadies
. I got a big bratwurst with a little kraut on top (this was cooking in a huge vat with peppercorns and juniper berries) and of course a big swathe of mustard on top.  Wow. 

The other big thing here is gummi bears.  Who knew they came from Germany.  Lots of chocolate 
covered fruit and gingerbread.  Josh is holding one up in this photo.  Supersized gummis.

The architecture is really interesting.  It is either really old or seriously modern and new.  Clean and efficient.  It was nice to stop in and connect with everyone in Germany which is a place that Fred and his brothers spent some of their youth in. 

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  1. Ryan Poll

    LOL! I lived in Germany as a kid and ate lots ofGummi bears!!! Did you know smurfs are German too? Although they were called something else that I forgot. I’m sure my sister would remember. Anyway, great shoot of the wurst, made me very hungry.