Jessica really wanted to go to Vau for dinner.  Another top chef place.  An ever changing seasonal menu, deconstructed plates, warm atmosphere.  The architecture is really beautiful.  Although the feel is elegant, the design is modern and casual. 

The menu is a bit out there.  Hard to find something that actually appealed to anyone.  Also, the service was beyond slow.  Perhaps European but there is a way to read a table.  We had been there 2 1/2 hours before they offered us the last course of dessert.  We all passed and begged for a check.  Also, these type of places always bring dessert even if you don't order it.  The kids know the drill at this point and just said let's just have the petit fours and chocolates they bring. 

Josh and Fred began with the pheasant.  I can't quite describe it but one part of the plate was a small cup of boiled down thick sauce that came back to haunt Fred for awhile.  Super rich.  It was like eating a cup of bone marrow with a little foie gras stirred in as an extra bonus.  Jess had the scallops, Em had a fish and I was adventurous.  I loved what I had.  Frog legs with foie gras and spinach.  2 of the frog legs were crispy and the other 2 had been roasted.  Spinach that had been flash fried and shaved pieces of fois gras that was rolled up ( small ) over a pureed vegetable.  It was fantastic.  An interesting combo…yes, frog legs taste like chicken. 

Next out was main courses.  Jessica and Fred had a white fish that had been poached in a red wine sauce that they both enjoyed.  Emily had a crispy perch with pumpkin puree and red cabbage.  Josh had a soup which was a huge thumbs down and he ended up eating mine which was fine.  I had the venison.  Rare venison breast, venison that had also been cooked for hours like brisket and chopped brussel sprouts with pine nuts.  It was rich and between the breads (which are excellent here) and my frog legs…I was done.

I was impressed with the attention to detail and the food in Berlin.  I was told that the food was nothing to write home about but so far, pretty good. 

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  1. Emily

    mom, we are in berlin… not brussels. (last paragraph)and thank god for that.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks Em. I made the change. You are right, thank god for that.

  2. david clarke

    Spent first weekend in December in Berlin and dined at Vau too- liked it. Most interesting thing was that we did German wines right thru’: Sekt, then Riesling, Spatburgunder and finally a sweet gewurz with dessert. Burp. The wine guy recommended well. Understandably, that lunch took somewhat over 3 hours, but then I’m European and so inured to/expectant of a more continental pace of service..Incidentally, the ballet that weekend was La Sylphide– at 75 minutes a lot more digestible for the dilletante (me) than the Nusscracker…