Movies, movies, movies

At one point of our lives, we went as a family on the weekends to see movies.  Saturday night was generally a movie and dinner.  Somehow over the past year, our children have all gone their separate ways on the weekend and Fred and I are solo.  The 3 day weekend, cold as it is, gave us some time to see a few flicks.

We saw Milk on Saturday night, which I really liked.  Then we saw Defiance and Gran Torino.  All winners.  Already saw The Wrestler, Slumdog Millionaire and Waltzing with Bashir.  Haven't done this in a long time.  Also, there are a lot of good movies out there which hasn't happened in a long time. 

We did a double header yesterday.  Saturday night we went over to Terroir for a late evening nosh.  The owners of Hearth opened Terroir a year or so and I have been interested in checking it out.  A tiny wine bar with a bar and a communal table – high seats – that sit about 16 people.  They play great music and the food comes out of a tiny open kitchen that isn't bigger than a small deli counter.  I like the idea.  Cheese, salamis, some fried dishes, paninis and bruschettas.  We went with the chicken wings, the pork sausage and black cabbage bruschetta, a cheese and a cauliflower fritatta.  An interesting menu but the wines is really the best thing.  We tried a delicious Reisling but I liike that we could have tried 3 different wines.  Cute place.  Fred and I were definitely the youngest people in there. 

A very lazy 3 day weekend in NYC.

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