Souper Bowl

Carrot ginger
This year, the annual food event for the New Shul, was a soup contest.  There were 2 categories,  Chicken soup and any other soup you want.  The judges today were Akhtar Newab of E.U., Marco Moreira of 15 East and Tocqueville and the infamous Julian Gerson

There were a variety of chicken soups from An Italian and a Jew (third place), Penicillin Chicken Soup (the number one winner), Chicken and Cabbage, and a few others.  I will toot my own horn as I came in second with my Asian chicken soup with Asian matzo balls.  Recipe to follow. 

The other category was very eclectic.  Carrot ginger soup ( winner ), bean soup, minestrone soup, pistachio soup ( really interesting ), butternut squash soup, mushroom barley and a few others.  I am most proud of my win here which is the mushroom barley that won the peoples choice award.

My Mom was saying what would be really interesting is to do a study on taste buds.  She is so right.  As everyone goes around the room trying everything, the tastes buds are all over the place.  I like something that someone thinks is too salty or bland.  As I learned in the wine class that I took a few years back, the resounding theme was do not listen to Robert Parker, listen to your own palette.

A wonderful community event and perfect for a synagogue.  Food related.  Love that.