Waltz with Bashir

 There are so many movies out right now…and good ones.  That hasn't happened in quite a long time.  What is interesting is how many movies are coming out that are about the Holocaust.  Why now?  Is it the second generation of children of parents or grandparents that were in the Holocaust and they are interested in making these films so we don't forget or because growing up with a survivor made such an impact on their life? 

Last night Fred and I went to see Waltz with Bashir.  Although it isn't directly about the Holocaust, it is a movie by a Jewish film maker who had parents that survived Auschwitz.  He, himself, was a soldier in the Lebanon war.  The movie is about that experience.  How he had forgotten what his involvement was and how 20 years later those memories are beginning to crop up.

The film is brilliant.  All done in animation until the very end.  The animation is intense and more like avatars that have come to life.  Although the characters speak in Hebrew, the sub-titles in English go very quick so the movie flows fast.  As the soldier digs through his past, revelations of the war are opened to the audience.  A nasty piece of Israel's history where it appears the Government turned a blind eye to a massacre.  This film is supposedly very controversial in Israel.

A very powerful anti-war film.  As we are watching the perils unfold daily in the Gaza strip, you have to ask yourself, why and what for?  For land?  As Ari Folman, the film maker said today in the New York Times magazine, "talk, don't shoot.  talk".

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