A Prayer for Owen Meany

I know many people go back and read books they love over and over, particularly the classics.  I do not fall under that category.  I move forward, just like everything else I do, it is about the new new. 

On Xmas vacation this year, I had given Emily A Prayer for Owen Meany to read.  She had not opened it yet and I needed a book.  I picked it up and although I have read a few books in between, I finally finished it again this weekend. 

John Irving has always been one of my favorite authors.  I have read 7 of his novels.  My first being The World According to Garp then moving into Hotel New Hampshire and going back to Water Method Man.  But, A Prayer for Owen Meany is hands down my favorite. 

You gotta love Owen Meany.  He is one of the most memorable characters in fiction.  Irving also, as always, writes about the political landscape and the atmosphere of the country based on the time the book takes place.  I'd say my second favorite of his books is Cider House Rules.  Controversial subject matter.  Actually Owen Meany is pretty controversial too but Owen in many ways diminishes what Irving is grandstanding about. 

I do continue to read Irving as his latest books come out but nothing beats the scope of books he wrote from Garp through Cider House Rules.  If you haven't read Irving, pick up Owen Meany, reading it now reminds me what a brilliant man Irving is as the book focuses on pre-Vietnam into the height of the war. 

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  1. chefbikram

    GG!!!I’ve NEVER re-read a book. And this is the ONLY one that I’ve thought about doing. Authors often talk about the book that made reading a real treat. This book did that for me. I read it in high school. Don’t remember how I came upon it, but it was the first book I remember truly loving. I’ve also read much of Irving’s work and while I always “like” it, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it and often find myself internally complaining about it. The last “Until I Find You” definitely falls into that category. I did enjoy learning the ins and outs of the tatoo artist business/art.Anyway, I’ve been afraid to re-read Owen Meany in case I’m totally disappointed. But now, maybe I will do it!Oh, by the way, made the most amazing chocolate chip banana bread. No sugar is required. Flavor comes from chocolate chips (I use semi-sweet), unsweetened cocoa (I useed Sharfenberger or whatever it’s called), and banana chips! It’s lovely and quite sensible! I’ll eventually blog on this recipe. So surprised at how good it was.

  2. Snooch

    Owen Meany is one of my favorite books/characters of all time. It is an Irving classic and just a couple of years ago I re-read it as well. In a strange way, almost better the second time around. Did Em ever read it? Jess? Wonder what the younger set would think about it specifically and Irving in general…

    1. Gotham Gal

      Neither of them have read it so far. I also enjoyed it more the second timearound. Fred is going to pick it up next