Hanging in the morning and talking about the Pope

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Fred and I are hanging this morning before we hit the slopes.  Fred was saying this morning that the Pope's latest comments about how condoms won't help the spread of AIDS is utterly ridiculous.  I couldn't agree more. 

In essence, the Pope, the head of the Catholic religion, does not believe in birth control.  If you want to have sex and not get pregnant, then you have to be very very careful.  What he is really saying is that you only have sex when you want to conceive.  I am not sure that this has been the case for anyone for thousands of years.  Call me crazy.

My feeling is, don't trash something until you've tried it.  Perhaps if the Pope tried sex, he'd feel very differently about only having sex to conceive. 

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Comments (Archived):

  1. David Noël

    Who said he never tried? 😉

  2. Chris

    A. You are extrapolating that he thinks sex is only to conceive. He didn’t actually say that. I thought the Catholic church moved away from that at Vatican 2.B. Your argument is really don’t knock it until you try it? I could give some extreme examples but I think you know that argument holds limited if any value other than humor.I don’t know the Catholic churches exact position these days (I stopped going to Catholic church a long time ago) but I think most Christians believe sex is something amazing (one of God’s greatest gifts) but like anything else can be used incorrectly. In other denominations the Pastors don’t have the same call to chastity but even if they did, I think you underestimate their perspective from helping people piece their lives back together who have to deal with issues related to their misuse or misunderstanding of sex. Other denominations also are more accepting of contraception. I tend to think contraception is ok but it is also shortsited as a solution as opposed to part of a comprehensive plan to solve the problem in Africa. I think this gives some good perspective. http://blog.christianitytod…I don’t mean any of this to be confrontational. Just offering a different opinion.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Always appreciate a different opinion.

  3. marshal sandler

    Mother Teresa made no condoms a campaign the result was children that starved and disease is rampant in the 3rd world sad-Like Bush and his stand on stem cell but the medical community never enlightens and shout’s out