Last Day on the Slopes

Every year as I come down the slopes on the last run of the year, a bunch of thoughts go through my head.  The obvious is trying to make the last run a great one.  I also think about the end of the season and that it will be spring in NYC when we return ( at least I hope so ) and how quick time is passing.

This is the longest amount of time we have spent in Aspen.  We definitely took advantage of all four mountains which is a great feature – although Snowmass is a bit out of the way, it is also a good mountain.  It is a bonus to have a pretty substantial town at your backdoor.  Everyone went into town at different times for different reasons.  Sometimes a movie, sometimes just to pick something up, sometimes to shop and always for dinner.

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Aspen Highlands.  I like the Highland mountain and it is very quiet over here.  There are always vans go into Aspen or the other mountains so it is pretty easy.  They also come with a kitchen area which makes life easy for breakfast.  Fill up at City Market or the outrageously expensive deli in the same parking lot that has a slew of cheeses, dried fruits and deli meat. 

Many locals here.  I met a guy who has lived her since 1968 on the chairlift.  There is a nice vibe in Aspen.  Many people love coming here in the summer months when there are a variety of other activities besides skiing.  I prefer the winter.

Here is a quick review of the restaurants we went to.  Some I have been to before. 

Matsuhisa is consistently good no matter what town you eat in.  You know what to expect. There are 2 Matsuhisa’s – Beverly Hills and Aspen and the rest go under Nobu.  A brilliant chain of high end sushi.  Very pricey.

Social.  Inside Social looks like a restaurant straight out of the 60’s.  Very mod.  All tapas for sharing.  The food was good not great.  Raw fish, pork tacos, tuna pizza, shiso peppers, etc.

Wild Fig.  We ate there when it first opened years ago.  I really didn’t enjoy the meal.  I do like the vibe and the low ceilings but the food doesn’t cut it.

Ajax Tavern  My favorite place in Aspen ( part of Little Nell).  Ate there 3 times.  2 times for lunch and once for dinner.   The classic truffle fries are must.  The burger is a high end Big Mac and delicious.  Anything from the salads to chicken to pasta to beef you can not go wrong.  I’d honestly eat there every night if everyone would let me.

Hickory House Ribs.  I preferred the chicken over the ribs.  The pork shoulder is tasteless but the barbecue sauces are really tasty.  Onion rings are grease central.  All and all, your typical rib house.  The smell hits you when you walk in the door and your fingers are swollen by the time you leave.  They do pour a heavy drink.

Best place in town would have to be Paradise Bakery.  Delicious brownies, muffins, cookies and gelato. Decent coffee too.  Always free tastes at the counter…love that!  A total local hang located on a corner with plenty of sitting space as you indulge in their tasty treats.

But after all, I did not come to Aspen for the food. 

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