Murrays Bagels

Have loved Murrays Bagels since the beginning.  Good bagels and sides.  Their shops are always packed.  Today, I lost the faith.

I called Murrays to place an order for the lunch after my sons bar mitzvah.  Not only did the girl who answered the phone unable to help me.  She actually had me hold on ( phone over her shoulder ) and asked anyone if they had ever helped in the catering area with bar mitzvahs, you know those things that Jewish boys do.  I swear.  Someone else gets on the phone and he can barely speak English.  He couldn't get the date right.  Just told me to tell him what I wanted with no help or direction.  I have actually dealt with Murray in the past who they told me might be around on Sunday if I wanted to call back then.  Murray, if you only knew what was happening in your shop. 

Bottom line,  I hung up and called Russ and Daughters.  So long Murrays.  Life these days, as far as I am concerned, is all about customer service. 

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  1. tsamg

    Sshould do Zabars or Fairway. Better fish platters then Russ & Daughters.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Good to know.

  2. Jlix

    Russ and Daughter’s is the BEST– still in the same family (run by a son of one of the daughters!) and wonderful quality. Superior to Zabars IMO.

  3. tsamg

    i’d be interested in reading your review after your event (mazel tov, btw.) Russ & Daughters has a fine product – I just don’t really love that they cut their whitefish salad with 20% salmon salad. Changes the taste a bit too much imho. also, I think the salmon is sliced better (ie thinner) at Zabar’s and Fairway. Interested in what you think when you’re done.Murrays – tasty bagels but not great fish. Good call on Russ on Daughter’s over them.

  4. ellen

    I haven’t tried those places, because I don’t live in New York . I don’t know about the bagel situation, but every few months I am sent a care package from Barney Greengrass on the west side. There is nowhere in Massachusetts that one can buy such fabulous whitefish chubs and lox that Barney Greengrass sells. NOWHERE. The whitefish is smoked just right and it is not too salty.I have tried countless delis and Russian stores that get their whitefish shipped in from Brooklyn, here in Boston and there is absolutely no place that has such moist white fish.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I love that you get a monthly package from BG.joanne [email protected]

  5. Snooch

    agree with ellen- barney greengrass ROCKS! can’t wait for the big event- till then…

  6. Tim

    Several years ago I was told that they would not toast a bagel for me and I walked out, never to return.

  7. harry

    try murray’s sturgeon shop…better fish than any of those mentioned…and not affiliated at all w/murray’s bagels

  8. David

    Murray’s has by far the worst customer service! I stopped in on Sunday morning, and waited in line for nearly 20 minutes to have my (very simple nova and bagel) order bungled not once but twice. Then I got to the register, and found that the cashier had charged me for a large OJ, when I had a small in my hand. She told me that she couldn’t revise the receipt, but I could go and get the larger one at “no additional charge”. Gee! Thanks! Further, all of the staff always seem to be eating during service, and the no toasting policy is ludicrous.Yes, they make a decent bagel. Though it’s not worth putting up with the mongaloids behind the counter. In the immediate area, Brooklyn Bagels, and Empire Bagels do far better work, and you don’t have to put up with incompetent service staff.

  9. Meredith

    I just wanted you to know I love your blog, and have it in my RSS feed, and have forwarded it to many friends. Love your recipes, love your stories about your family.Your “fan”!M

  10. ellen

    Concerning good consumer service, I ran into a very nasty employee at a department store. When I did not get any satisfaction I told the chief financial office, because the ceo had left, that he should have all his employees read a book called “Waymish” by Ray Considine. Waymish means WHY ARE YOU MAKING IT SO HARD for me to give me your money. The CFO got huffy, because he thought I had no business telling him what to do. I had spent a lot of money in that store. I never returned and the store is facing bankruptcy and had been doing very bad financially for years. Could it be their attitudes towards good customers?By the way WAYMISH is a great read for employees of a service based or retail based business.

  11. ellen

    typo in last comment Book is : WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY

  12. Janet Winter

    Just make sure you ask Russ and Daughters not to cut the bagels until right before they deliver them.