Murrays Bagels

Have loved Murrays Bagels since the beginning.  Good bagels and sides.  Their shops are always packed.  Today, I lost the faith.

I called Murrays to place an order for the lunch after my sons bar mitzvah.  Not only did the girl who answered the phone unable to help me.  She actually had me hold on ( phone over her shoulder ) and asked anyone if they had ever helped in the catering area with bar mitzvahs, you know those things that Jewish boys do.  I swear.  Someone else gets on the phone and he can barely speak English.  He couldn't get the date right.  Just told me to tell him what I wanted with no help or direction.  I have actually dealt with Murray in the past who they told me might be around on Sunday if I wanted to call back then.  Murray, if you only knew what was happening in your shop. 

Bottom line,  I hung up and called Russ and Daughters.  So long Murrays.  Life these days, as far as I am concerned, is all about customer service.