Talk about entering a new stage of life

Images When we moved to the suburbs ( our short time in purgatory ) I figured I'd be OK.  As a rule, I am a pretty optimistic person.  A friend of mine said she knew someone who had moved up there recently and wanted to know if I wanted an introduction.  I figured that life would be fine and I'd meet people right and left so I passed.  Wrong.  After 2 weeks of loneliness, I called my friend and asked for her friends number.  I called her right away and her first response ( she had been there only 4 more weeks more than me ) was thank god you called.

We hit it off immediately.  Serious fast friends.  Her daughter was the same age as Emily.  By our second play date, that would be I saw her on Monday and then we got together again on Tuesday, we were pouring out intimate information about our lives.  Now that I know her so well, intimate information is generally not so free-flowing.  We definitely had a special connection besides pining for our return to the city (Brooklyn for her). She told me that she was married before and had a son when she was a mere 18.  Wow.

Our time in the suburbs with her and her family are beyond memorable.  We got together almost daily, drank many bottles of wine, cooked many dinners together, our husbands were pals, our kids were great together and we lived through many life events.  We still love getting together. 

Eventually we left the burbs to go back to the city and their family left that area of the burbs moving to another suburban area.  But, we have always kept in touch, and see each other in the summer at the beach.  Our daughters end up renewing their relationship 2 summers ago going on a program in Oxford together.  To us, that is really special. 

Today, I was invited to go to a surprise shower for her.  It was called a Grandmother Shower.  Her son is having a baby this summer.  Talk about entering a new stage of life.  As I wrote on the card, I can't believe it. 

I really only know a few of her friends, she has friends from many different walks of life.  Today I was able to put the faces together with her stories over the years.  It was a really nice event. 

I have barely entered the 50 year old bday party gig and here is my friend having a grand kid.  Woah.  I might be taking a deep look in the mirror when I get up tomorrow morning to just let out a deep sigh.  With Jessica going to college and Josh just becoming a bar mitzvah, I thought I was entering a new phase but the grand kid thing kind of leaves me speechless. 

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