02100g1362 I ordered from a website yesterday called Nuts Online.  I was actually looking for pignola nuts at a decent price.  They had them and I got a pound.  Usually when I am on a site like this I order a few other things, just to taste.  Besides the dried fruit, I ordered a pound of un-roasted peanuts. 

We roasted them today in the oven.  Set the oven to 350 and bake until it starts to smell like roasted peanuts.  Try one and see if it is done.  Eating peanuts freshly roasted vs buying them already done is a completely different experience.  Full of flavor, really crunchy and tasty.  Could be our new taste thrill.

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  1. joeagliozzo

    Great blog! Enjoy your husband’s VC blog as well – Try almonds instead of peanuts – I believe they are much better for you. My whole family has moved to the Paleo/Gluten free thing and it has been great for us -On another subject, was reviewing some of your Paris posts from last year. We will be there for a long weekend at the end of a trip in July – going to try some of the restaurants you reviewed – blogs are great for this type of thing!

  2. Shelley

    Trader Joe’s has great dry roasted pine nuts at a great price.