Museum and a few movies

Vergara17 Yesterday we made our way uptown to the New York Historical Society.  I put on an event there many years ago and have always been a fan of the building and their mission.  They basically present programs and collect information that is dedicated to the history of New York City.  I am sure they have a treasure trove of goodies in their basement. 

The exhibit we went to see was called Harlem In Transition.  Photographs by Camilo Jose Vergara who has been photographing Harlem for about 40 years.  He has documented areas with before and after pictures.  For instance, he had taken one picture, the same angle and same spot on the corner of East 165th Street in 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2006.  Those aren't the exact dates but you get the gist.  It is really unbelievable how Harlem has changed over time.  The violence of the 70's to Clinton moving his office there after his presidency.  An exhibit really worth seeing.

Then we made our way downtown and caught 2 movies.  Away We Go directed by Sam Mendes.  A very cute indie film about a couple who are about to have their first baby as they go in search of the right place to put down their roots.  The relationship between the couple is really wonderful although many of their friends are wacky.  John Krasinkski and Maya Randolph play the couple but some of the stand out performances were small roles played by Jeff Daniels and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The other film we saw was Hangover.  Fred and I roared through the entire film.  I think it is the best of this genre.  Better than Knocked Up, Forty Year Old Virgin, etc.  I can't even come up with my favorite scene because there are so many.  Make sure to stay through the credits.  I am laughing just thinking about some of the scenes right now.  I'd even consider seeing it again.  Totally hilarious. 

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  1. skysurfer172

    Pretty sure it’s Maya Rudolph (not Randolph), from SNL. Very funny actress.I’m hearing nothing but raves for Hangover from the over-30 crowd. It’s a summer must-see.